From your baby’s birthday to their wedding day I offer packages for every state of life! From newborns to childrens portraits, family pictures, Senior moments, engagement, and Weddings! If theres a moment that you would like to remember in story telling photographs… IM THERE!


You're nervous, excited, worried, anxious, and wedding planning is just making you go crazy! That’s ok cause I like CRAZY… That all just means that you really care to have amazing photographs at your wedding! But the most important thing you can do is relax on your wedding day, let everyone else worry about making your special day the best! We all want everything to go perfectly…but the truth is, if it was perfect it wouldn’t be that much fun! If things were always perfect do you really think Cinderella would’ve lost her shoe??

Every wedding is unique so please call or email for more information! Id be happy to consult with you the plans of the wedding day and what to expect.


The romance, the drama, the love for your best friend, which you want to spend the rest of your life with. Love is blind? But so is Stevie Wonder and he's still an amazing musician! Capturing those feelings you have for one another is just so important in a relationship. Make the craziest face you can, be comfortable with one another and just enjoy every moment you have while feeling like you have the paparazzi snapping away at you…you should feel special, because you’re with the most special person you know! That’s me of course…ok fine maybe not!

$200: 2hr session with up to 3 locations/ clothing changes. High resolution pictures presented on a cd with a photo release! Engagements and Wedding packages can also be combined to give you the best experience possible.

Senior Portraits

Last year of high school? Such a big step in life…moving on to careers and family. The memories of high school will always be with you no matter how old you get… you want to show off who you really are and the things that interest you! Things change, people change but seeing that change is just amazing! We all need to show the uniqueness we will bring to the rest of the world!
$150: 1 ½ hr session with multiple locations and clothing changes…up to 3 locations/ clothing changes (time permitting)! Cd of high resolution images presented with a photo release form.

Family Portraits

Oh where to start with family... bringing so many personalities into one photo shoot is always a task! And so is trying to get everyone ready by the same time. This is where human interaction is at its best…the people you live with and love can be just interesting at times! And I mean interesting in a good way, for the most part! But why not show how interesting your family really is to everyone? Show off your crazy, energetic, one of a kind, adorable children! Because are they really that adorable all the time…don’t answer that!

$175: 2 hr photoshoot with a location (or 2) of your choice, full family portrait and also individuals of each child/parent. Professionally edited pictures presented on a cd with a photo release form included.